And just like that it’s already Monday again…Anyway, here is what I’ve been up to the past week or so! :D

-Went to my school’s baseball game two Sundays ago! My school was playing against the school my friend worked at, so we went together! We were there for like four hours watching baseball lololol but it was fun to watch and cheer on my school (our schools ended up tying against each other). I think my students were pretty surprised I was there (I don’t know too many of the kids on the baseball team) but they seemed happy I went! :)

-Slowly, I’m learning more of my students’ names…it will be a long uphill battle trying to learn all of them though or even a majority of them… ;_;

-I got some more letters from some first year girls this week! And I’m still getting letters from the 3rd year boy who was the first one to write to me~!

-I really like the class I’ve been eating lunch with this week. Some of them are pretty rowdy/rude during class, but they are really funny outside of class/during lunch, and I was able to talk to a lot of them. I hope that by becoming closer to them they will start to pay more attention during class (or that might just be wishful thinking…) My second years are by far the most rowdy/disrespectful though…I understand now why they put me in more 2nd year classes than any other year..

-Overall though I feel like I’m starting to get closer to some of my students! I guess classes have only been going on for about three weeks, so it really hasn’t been that long. I’m sure with more time I’ll become even closer to them and the teachers too!

-The track meet was also last week (see previous post to read about it)!

-On Friday I went to my first elementary school (we all visit elementary schools here too)! The students were soooo cute! I went to 6 classes that day (I usually only go to 4) and worked with 3rd-6th graders. But just omg they were so cute and super excited I was there! I got a drawing as a present from one of the 6th graders! And I think it’s so cute how elementary schoolers want your sign (signature). So many kids kept asking for me to sign their arms, it was too funny. Also, the vice principal of that school bought me a fruit (apples, pears, and peaches!!!) grown in that area! I was so surprised and super happy! Fruit here is way too expensive to get on a regular basis, so I was super grateful. 

-I also went to a different elementary school today, but they only had me go to two classes…

-On Friday we had a takoyaki party! On Saturday I went to this Organic Festival that I was invited to by one of my students (the same one who was my friend’s host brother when he studied abroad)! I also ended up helping them run the booth they had for a bit which was fun! And on Sunday I went to a BBQ for the study abroad students here and for us M-ALTers. It was really nice! It took place in this camping area in the mountains, so it was super pretty. I really want to check out more nature while I’m here~!

-My record player also came this week! I’ve gotten two random Japanese records and got The Door’s greatest hits today! The records are used and the record player I got isn’t super great, so sometimes the sound quality is kind of poor, but I’m really glad I got a record player! I’m excited to get some more random records~! (and knowing me I’ll probably end up buying way too many…)